3 Essential Life Skills Your Kids Need in Adulthood (That You Can Teach Now)

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December 21, 2018
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Essential Life skills

Out of the many things that we have to do at some point in our life, adulting is arguably the most difficult of them all. Not only that, but we are also required to do it for a very, very long time.

Gone are the days when our biggest worries were about school projects, assignments, and exams because as adults we now have to worry about finding and maintaining a stable job that gives us enough salary for buying food, paying bills, and taking care of other necessary expenses. In other words, being an adult means that our problems become much bigger and complicated.

However, adulting can be easier if we gain the right set of life skills helping us to effectively deal with various issues that may arise in either our personal or professional lives. That is why as responsible parents, it’s our duty to ensure that our kids learn about these skills while they’re young so that they won’t struggle once they are grown, adults.

Here is my list of the life skills that will make a huge difference to your child in adulthood.

Time Management

Time management includes overcoming procrastination, getting organised, learning to prioritise, and more. It’s a skill that your kid should learn as early as possible because of how it can benefit them in school and, once they grow up, at work.

Time management for kids

Teaching and disciplining them to prioritise schoolwork over playtime is a great way to start. This will help them learn and master how to measure time, focus on a particular task, and stick to a schedule. Learning time management should be fun for kids.  There are some great tips here on very well family .com.  Once their time management skills are established your child won’t have many with meeting deadlines once they are working adults.


Kids and Communication

Nowadays, we live in a world that heavily relies on sharing information, which is why developing good communication skills is a must. Having the ability to communicate clearly and effectively is an important skill that can positively impact the career and personal life of adults, so developing your child’s communication skills today is highly recommended. You can start by teaching them empathy and conversation skills, followed by establishing listening and speaking procedures and teaching respectful vocabulary. Effective communication also includes better public speaking, which comes in super handy for your child once he/she goes to college and, eventually, to work. Enrolling your child in a Sydney speaking school that teaches public speaking for kids, or offers public speaking school holiday programs will make a huge difference to your child’s confidence.


Learning how to cook, even at a basic level, is an important skill that you must never forget to teach your children because it sets them up for a healthier diet and encourages their burgeoning independence. Not only this you are teaching them problem-solving skills and creativity.

child cooking skills

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