5 Unlikely Household Items You Can Use as Fitness Equipment

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Working out at home

As a mum and a managing director of a wollongong web design and google advertising agency in Wollongong I dont often put time aside for myself.  I want to excercise but the thought of a gym and the travel seems like just too much effort.

Everyone knows that running and walking are two great exercises, but they are simply not enough for a full-body workout – and sometimes exercising with equipment is the easiest way to work out your whole body.

So I have adopted a few strategies from equipment in my home, that anyone can use, getting a full body workout.

You just need to use your imagination..

1.  Backpack

Backpack and exercise

Did you know that the first weighted vest you ever used in your life was a backpack? When you were a little kid, that’s probably what you used to do a lot – carrying what seemed like a mountain of books and other school supplies in your little backpack. Well, you can do that again now that you’re a grown adult, but the difference is that you actually want to do it this time. Simply load up a durable bag with canned goods or heavy books, strap it on your back, and wear it around your home whilst doing any chores.

You can also use your stuffed up bag to add weight to squats, pushups, and other body weight workouts – or remove the bag from your back and grasp its straps to do shoulder presses or curls.

2.  Soup Cans

Apart from having the ability to fill your stomach, soup cans can also double as dumbbells or hand weights for strength training exercises. With only a can of soup in each of your hands, you will be able to do overhead shoulder presses, front raises, or tricep kickbacks.

3.  Chairs

Would you be surprised if I told you that you can put together a full-body routine with only a dining room chair?  The workouts you can using chairs are tricep dips, reverse lunges, and leg raises.  For the reverse lunge – step up on one leg, immediately come back down, and go into a reverse lunge.  Change sides after 30 seconds.  For the tricep dip – simply stand in front of your chair with your back facing it, slowly lower your body down until your legs hit a 90-degree angle, place your arms on the chair behind you, grip the edges of the seat using your hands, and raise and lower your body with your arms, in controlled movements.  Do this for three sets of at least 12 reps for ideal results.

4.  Beer Bottles

It’s time to make it up to your body by using what’s responsible for giving you a beer belly (if you have one) and utilize it as an exercise equipment. In fact, a full beer bottle has the ideal shape and size for it to substitute super lightweight dumbbells in what they call barre workouts. The beer’s average weight of 1.25 pounds and its narrowness are two of its main attributes that make it the perfect replacement for super lightweight dumbbells.

  1. Heavy Book

Even without a backpack, a heavy book works fine on its own as an exercise equipment. What’s even better is that almost every weight plate or medicine ball exercise can be emulated with a heavy book alone. These exercises include cross-body wood chops, weighted oblique twists, and weighted sit-ups – and the only thing you have to do is replace the medicine ball or weight plate in these specific workouts with a book.

So there you go….Training with minimal equipment around the home, is enough to get you in the shape you want.

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