MASH Helicopter Bell 47 – The Experience of a Lifetime

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August 30, 2017
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Bell 47 Helicopter

With its distinctive glass cockpit and its classical, simple construction, the Bell 47 has become a rarity since 2003.

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As helicopters go the Bell 47 holds a solid place in history and has proved its toughness and longevity over decades, in 1946 it was the first helicopter certified for civilian use.

The Model 47 series was originally designed for the US military and subsequently deployed during the Korean War was also the first Helicopter to carry a president, to go to war and probably the first Helicopter to be a T.V Star.

M*A*S*H still stands as one of the most successful television series of all-time and the Bell 47 were the helicopters used on the series.

The Bell 47 became the most popular and successful helicopter worldwide when it was patented for Italian manufacturer Agusta as well as Westland Aircraft from England and the Japanese company Kawasaki.

On top of this the Bell 47 is the best sight-seeing helicopter, the unique bubble cockpit means that everyone has incredible 360-degree views.

Take a look..

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Sydney Helicopter Charter


The Bell 47 Helicopter is the only Helicopter where couples get to sit next to each other at the front if you ever get an opportunity to fly in one of these, take it.  I cannot compare the experience to anything else!

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