Spice up your home decor with these mesmerising laser-cut works of art

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Want to try out something new and amazing for your interior décor?

The fashion of 2018 is laser-cut artworks around your home?   With their plethora of mesmerising attributes that include abstract patterns, intricate swirls, and crisp geometric lines – artworks created using a laser cutting machine are definitely capable of adding a mix of charm, sophistication, and unparalleled level of style to your space.

From creating wonderful artworks to cutting hard metals, laser cutting technology offers an array of uses in the modern age. Back when laser cutters were first invented, people used the high-tech technology for industrial applications, particularly to speed up manufacturing. But over the last couple of years, with the emergence of relatively affordable laser cutting devices and technological companies offering metal laser cutting services, it has become more accessible to everyone, including creative artists who make fine pieces of work.

Let’s take a look at some incredible works of art that are created using a laser cutting machine:

  1. Carved Wood Charts

Want to hang something on your wall that would “wow” your guests with its fine craftsmanship and intricate details? Then you should start looking for laser carved wood charts. One such example of this is Michigan-based Carved Lake Art’s collection of laser etched 3D bathymetric wood charts. What the company did for one of their collections is they used a specific type of plywood called Baltic Birch, stacked it to form multiple layers, and let the laser do its magic. But that’s not all, because they also engraved the layers with topographical details, giving it a fine level of detail that is absolutely astounding.

  1. Wooden Sculptures

Laser cut wood

Laser cutting machines are able to cleanly and accurately cut through various materials, including wood. Examples of masterfully crafted laser-cut sculptures are the works of Gabriel Schama, an Oakland-based artist who uses mahogany plywood to produce intricate relief sculptures. There are also plenty of other laser-cut wooden sculptures out there that are created by other talented artists, so check them out too.

  1. Lighting Fixtures

Who would’ve thought that light fixtures could be artsy? With its ability to cut through metals easily, a laser cutter can create a realistic lighting fixture with small cuts and a great deal of intricacy. The complexity in its details are prevalent whether it is turned on or not, but its true splendour is displayed when illuminated and its intricacies are projected throughout a room, for everyone to see.

  1. Metal Wall Art

laser cut art

One of the best things about laser cutting Sydney technology is its versatility in working with various types of materials, including metal. Because of this, it can effortlessly create almost any kind of metal wall art with ultra-clean cuts, super accurate finishes, and complex details. Here’s a quick tip: if you want metal wall art that doesn’t tarnish, rust, or gradually degrade in quality – get one that is made of aluminium.

  1. Accent Walls

Accent walls have always been a mainstay in the decorating industry because of their versatility and stylishness. But what if I told you that there’s an even better-looking type of accent wall that offers endless possibilities with its pattern and design? I’m talking about laser-cut accent walls. Even by looking at them alone, you can clearly see the mesmerising beauty that a laser cutting machine can produce.

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