The most Popular Swimming Pool Designs

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Swimming Pool designs

Out of all backyard amenities, nothing beats a swimming pool when it comes to adding a strong aesthetic appeal to an existing landscape. It is the ultimate eye candy to complement all of the components in your property – from the house to the landscape.

Other than its aesthetic benefits, a backyard swimming pool also comes in handy whenever you want to host a poolside barbecue party with your buddies, enjoy a variety of water games and pool activities with your family, or simply just go for a relaxing evening swim alone.

Let’s check out some of the most popular swimming pool styles:

  • Freeform Pools

Characterised by its irregular or naturalistic style or shape, a freeform pool features mesmerising contours instead of the usual geometric forms. The creative, organic concept of a freeform pool makes it best suited for homes in rustic, tropical or natural settings. It can also be transformed to mimic natural waterways to further enhance its aesthetic appeal, but you need a team of skilled pool builders (like Steller Pools) who build concrete pools to pull that off.

  • Geometric Pools

With its clean lines and sleek elegance, a geometric pool can effortlessly blend in within any natural setting. And because geometric pools are full of triangles, squares, and other shapes, they are perfect landscape additions for both modern and contemporary properties. Spillways, vanishing edges and fountain bubblers are a few examples of special design features that can be added to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of a geometric pool.

  • Kidney-Shaped Pools

When it comes to residential swimming pools, one of the most popular choices amongst homeowners and pool designers alike is the kidney-shaped pool. Characterized by its soft, old-school charm, the kidney-shaped pool works well with a number of architectural styles, and adds a naturalistic appeal to almost any type of landscape design. And despite being shaped like a kidney bean, lap swimming and other pool activities can be enjoyed in a kidney-shaped pool because the curve is only slight.

  • The Figure-8 Pools

Not to be mistaken with the popular tourist attraction in Sydney’s Royal National Park (but a collection of natural Figure-8-shaped pools are located there), a Figure-8 pool resembles the number 8 and features a narrow area in the middle and circular shapes on the ends. The ends of a Figure-8 pool don’t necessarily have to be the exact same size, which allows more room for creativity during the design phase. The unique design of this pool type makes it ideal for various settings.

  • Round or Oval Pools

Round or oval pool is another popular swimming pool style that countless homeowners just can’t seem to get enough of. The simplicity and practicality of the round or oval shape gives it the ability to fit nicely into almost any setting, meaning that both shapes in terms of aesthetics. The only difference is the functional design of an oval pool is slightly better to a round pool, but other than that it’s all good.

  • Rectangular Pools

Rectangular pools are one of the most common swimming pool designs due to several reasons. The straight lines and classic charm of a rectangular pool are qualities that never age and can blend perfectly in traditional or luxurious settings, as well as in pastoral, urban and contemporary locations. Aside from that, the shape of a rectangular pool makes it perfect for exercise and swimming laps (a lap pool is considered a rectangular pool). The excellent combination of aesthetics and functional design that a rectangular pool has makes it one of the best pool designs.

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